We're proud to announce that we've submitted our provisional application and now have Patent Pending Status! This means that we are now able to publicly disclose details on the invention in order seek funding for development. Head over to nomoresprinklers.com to find out more!



05/03/2017 6:55pm

Congratulations of the Patent pending status! You are now able to do better things for some developments. You are now able to better serve the people with your water irrigation. What a really good news to hear indeed! I am looking forward to a better service given by you, CereSpring. I will be looking for some feed backs because I want to know how it goes.

05/05/2017 2:31pm

Oh, okay. I will check this website. I want to know more about your app.

06/12/2017 8:48pm

What does this status gives you for sure? Why it's so cool to have it?

07/13/2017 1:44pm

I am glad to hear that. I hope your application is very popular right now.


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